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Products supplied will be charged at the price ruling on the day of delivery. Quoted prices may be varied when any change of circumstances occurs after the order is placed.
Payment for products supplied shall be due before delivery. Where credit terms are available, Easy Fuels NE Ltd reserve the right to use a Credit Reference Agency who will keep a record of the search. Any account given credit terms must be settled within the timescale agreed. Late payment of any of any invoice will render the whole account as failing and the full account balance must be settled within 5 working days of original payment date. Easy Fuels NE Ltd reserve the right to suspend (or remove) any failing account.
Bulk deliveries will be measured by meter. The seller’s measurement of quantity is final and will be accepted by the buyer. .
Material/product is delivered on the instructions of the buyer who will therefore be responsible for ensuring clear, safe access and must declare at time of order of any possible height/access restrictions. Whilst every precaution will be taken when the material/product is being delivered, no responsibility can be accepted for any damage done to roadway surfaces and/or including manhole covers. Easy Fuels NE Ltd reserve the right to refuse delivery if any of the above not met.
Where the buyer is a commercial customer such material/product is sold exclusively for their own or trade purpose only, and must not be resold or disposed of by any other person, company or corporation. Material/product supplied must only be by used in buyers own commercially licenced vehicles under hire or worked by the buyer in the course of the buyers business. Duty Rebated Heavy Oils supplied must only be used in strict accordance with the current Customs and Excise Regulations controlling the same.
The buyer is responsible for ensuring the storage provided for the product delivered meets with all current & forthcoming regulations. They will not allow smoking/naked lights or permit the use of any stove, electric or gas fires/radiator to function in proximity of tank or near delivery vehicle. Any breach of this clause will indemnify the seller from any damages, claims or costs.
The buyer is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient ullage in the storage vessel to accommodate amount of material/product order.
Any material/product delivered shall remain the sole property of Easy Fuels NE Ltd until paid for in full by the buyer. The seller may, without notice or liability, and without prejudice to any other legal remedy, repossess any unpaid material/product. Any risk will be transferred to the buyer at time of delivery.
Any extra costs arising from a customer order incurred by Easy Fuels NE Ltd may be passed onto buyer. This may include bank charges for any returned payment, interest payments on overdue balances or credit card charges on corporate credit cards. Charges may also be made for any inability to deliver full/part order through circumstances controlled by the buyer. Easy Fuels NE Ltd will not be held responsible or accountable for any late/cancelled deliveries due to circumstances outside of their control.
Acceptance by the buyers of products supplied against ticket/invoice will be treated as an acceptance by them of all Terms & Conditions stated above.
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