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Gas Oil (Red Diesel / ULSG) Deliveries

Gas Oil (also known as Red Diesel, ULDG, 35 Second Burning Oil or Tractor Diesel) is a liquid fuel product used for non-standard highway machinery which carries a lower tax duty than regular White “Road” Diesel, therefore contains a red dye for identification.

We provide Gas Oil for use in agricultural machinery, generators, plant machinery, manufacturing equipment, waste furnaces, for generation of steam, and in industrial heating appliances.

Please Note: Gas Oil (Red Diesel) MUST not be used as road fuel – for road fuel please see: Derv (Road/White Diesel)


To make this process effortless and easy, we have created an online heating oil calculator to give you instant, up to date heating oil prices and great delivery options.

From 24 hour deliveries to weekend emergencies, we are here to ensure you are never left out in the cold.

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